Study Says: Botox Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

Diwan, Botox - ImageAt the Laser and Skin Surgery Center, Botox is one of our most popular treatments. Botox is best known for its ability to lessen the appearance of pesky facial wrinkles. But what if Botox can do more to revitalize the skin than simply relax fine lines and stubborn wrinkles? A new study points to just this—skin rejuvenation.

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Chin Implants

The perception of beauty, in men and women, relies on the facial features being in proportion to one another. The chin is the foundation for the rest of your face, especially in profile. If you have a small chin, the nose looks too large and the jawline appears weak. A chin implant achieves a more pleasing profile and confidence in your appearance. Best of all, the procedure gives you long lasting and natural results, and can be safely performed in the office with local anesthetic. Call 440-871-9832 for more information, and take the first step in reshaping your profile.