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Non-Surgical Procedures

Are you concerned about a specific skin condition or area but not sure what your options for treatment are? Dr. Diwan is experienced in treating a wide range of different conditions including brown spots, moles, and even excessive perspiration. Find the condition you’re looking to treat below to learn about your options with Dr. Renuka Diwan MD, FAAD.

Brown Spots / Discoloration

IPL stands for Intense pulsed light. Over time, brown spots may appear on sun-exposed areas of the skin. They are often called “age spots” or “liver spots.” The face, neck, upper chest, arms, and legs can be affected as a result of years of previous sun exposure. Those areas that have greater sun exposure have more spots (e.g. often on the left side of the face, especially the cheek bone.) Fortunately, these spots can be successfully treated in our office with the state-of-the-art laser and IPL. Other treatments include chemical peels and the Nu-Derm® skin care system. All treatment options will be explained in deciding which treatment is most suitable for the individual patient. Sun-protection is important to prevent the appearance of new brown spots.

Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be a challenging problem to hide with makeup. There are different reasons for the appearance of dark circles. Increased pigmentation of the skin under the eyes is one reason for the appearance of dark circles. Another reason is the appearance of “bags” under the eyes. A third reason is a loss of fullness of the upper cheek immediately below the eyes. Given the different reasons for dark circles, the correct treatment or combination of treatments must be determined for each individual. The treatment options include the use of lightening agents, laser treatment, fillers to correct the loss of fullness and surgery for “bags” under the eyes. Any of these treatments can be performed safely in our office. A consultation with Dr. Diwan will help determine the cause(s) of the problem in your case and define the best treatments for you.

Double Chin

The appearance of a “double chin” creates an older and unattractive appearance. The presence of excess fat under the chin leads to the “double chin.” Liposuction, in the office, with local anesthetic, is a simple, quick and safe solution for this contour problem. If there is significant amount of sagging skin, a neck lift may be a more suitable treatment for removal of the fat and the loose skin. Kybella®, a recently FDA-approved treatment, is injected just under the skin to destroy fat cells and reduce the double chin fat under the skin. It will soon be available at our office.

Growths, moles, and skin tags

The appearance of various kinds of skin growths on the skin is a common occurrence. Many benign (non-cancerous) growths appear over time and are more common in the elderly. Seborrheic keratosis, moles, angiomas (red-purple bumps), enlarged oil glands and skin tags are most frequently encountered. Depending on the nature of a particular growth, it can be removed in the office with quick minor surgery (a local anesthetic–numbing injection–will be used) or  treated with a laser, or burned off with an electric needle ( with local anesthetic). Each option provides excellent cosmetic results.

Hair (Excess or Unwanted)

Being overly hairy can be an embarrassing physical trait for men and women. Often inherited, excess hair growth may appear on the face, back, chest, arms or legs. Sometimes, though, excessive facial hair growth in women can be a sign of underlying hormonal disorders which must be recognized and treated. Some drugs, such as Cyclosporine, can also cause increased body or facial hair. A thorough history and examination help to determine if there is an underlying cause for the excessive hair growth, which can then be treated appropriately.


Hollowing of the face or loss of facial volume occurs naturally over time, as part of the changes associated with aging. Aging affects the thickness of the skin as well as the tissues underneath the skin. Loss of volume and support underneath the skin leads to loss of fullness of the cheeks, temples and the sides of the chin that are associated with youthfulness. Sunken cheeks, creating a gaunt appearance, contribute significantly to “looking older.”  Restoration of lost volume in the face is an important component of rejuvenation and helps to optimize the results from other treatments. Juvederm Voluma®, FDA -approved and utilized by Dr. Diwan since 2014, immediately restores youthful contours of the cheeks and chin. Results usually vary by individual and achieved by full correction can last for 18 to 24 months. Another effective and safe way to restore facial fullness is with Sculptra®. Sculptra is a synthetic injectable product which gradually stimulates natural augmentation by one’s own tissues. Treatments are continued until the desired result is obtained. Restoring fullness of the face also helps to take up the slackness in loose skin. The results obtained from Sculptra can last for two to three years. Periodic touch-ups help to keep up with ongoing aging. Loss of volume also affects the hands which start to look more thin and bony over time. These changes can also be treated with Sculptra. Besides being used to restore a loss of volume associated with aging, Sculptra can also be used to correct depressions resulting from liposuction, or other injuries to the deeper tissues under the skin.


The term “melasma” refers to the patchy brown pigmentation that appears on the face, commonly associated with pregnancy or the use of birth control pills. It is also referred to as “pregnancy mask.” The pigmentation most often involves the forehead, cheeks, and upper lip and, typically, worsens in the summer. Most women have tried over-the-counter and prescription bleaching creams and chemical peels without much success. The treatment of melasma is more effective with a specially formulated combination of prescription-strength topical lotions that can be purchased in our office. Specially formulated creams can be ordered for stubborn melasma that doesn’t respond adequately to the regular prescription-strength lighteners. Laser treatment, with a fractionated laser, can be added, if necessary. The reappearance of melasma, after it resolves, must be prevented by using effective sun-protection measures. The most effective sunscreens are available at our office. Call now to start your treatment and restore the appearance of your skin.

Perspiration (Excessive)

Excessive perspiration of the underarms, hands and/or soles of feet can be an embarrassing condition. If the problem cannot be controlled with prescription antiperspirants, Botox® is a very effective alternative that can significantly reduce perspiration for several months, as long as a year or more,  at a time. Botox is injected directly in the skin, in the problem areas, with minimal discomfort, providing  great relief from an otherwise difficult problem.

Pores (Enlarged)

Skin pores are present everywhere on the skin and their appearance is a unique feature of one’s skin. Pores, which are not apparent until adulthood, become more visible on the face with continued enlargement of the oil glands in the skin. The appearance of pores can usually be improved by exfoliating with topical agents, superficial chemical peels or microdermabrasion. Continuing a maintenance treatment program helps to prolong the benefits.


Redness of the skin may affect the face and/or the neck. Redness may be a result of sun-damage, Rosacea, genetic inheritance or a combination of these factors. The sides and front of the neck, the cheeks, nose, chin and the earlobes can be affected. Redness can be improved with state-of-the-art laser treatments in our office. For some patients, small doses of Botox may be helpful. Treatment of the underlying cause of the redness and avoidance of triggers, if possible, is important.


Rhinophyma is a deformity of the nose that most commonly affects middle-aged men. Gradual overgrowth of the oil glands in the skin causes a bumpy enlargement of the lower half of the nose. The deformity may become so severe that a patient may curtail his social activities and become confined to his home. Fortunately, the disfigurement can be treated, by sculpting the nose back to a more normal shape and size, with a carbon dioxide laser. The treatment is performed in our accredited surgical office with local anesthetic (numbing injection). Healing usually takes two weeks and pinkness fades over two to three months. Sun protection is very important for at least six weeks after healing.


Scars are left in the skin as a consequence of injury. The kinds of skin injury that leave scars include conditions like acne and chicken pox; surgery for removal of moles, cancers and other growths, and accidents. Scars can have different appearances, even when caused by the same type of injury,  and not all injuries result in scars. The deeper the injury the more likely it is to leave a scar. Scars that are visible may be of cosmetic concern. Different options are available for treatment of scars, including removal of scars with special surgical techniques, laser resurfacing, and fillers for the treatment of depressed scars. A combination of treatments may   optimize the cosmetic result.


“Broken” blood vessels gradually appear on the face as a result of sun-exposure, Rosacea, heredity, or a combination of these factors. Patients are sometimes concerned about giving the impression of being heavy drinkers. Camouflage of the blood vessels with make-up becomes increasingly time-consuming and difficult. These blood vessels can be significantly improved, if not completely removed, by non-invasive treatments with the latest laser technology . The state-of-the-art laser used in the office  selectively targets the blood vessels in the skin without breaking the skin surface. The treatment is followed by mild swelling and pinkness for 1-2 days. The blood vessels gradually improve resulting in significant improvement after a single treatment. Further improvement is achieved with additional treatments, which are spaced 6 weeks apart. With the blood vessels removed, the original appearance of the skin without “broken” blood vessels is restored.


The easiest way to judge a person’s age is by the presence of wrinkles. Treatment of wrinkles is, therefore, an essential aspect of rejuvenation and is frequently requested at our office. We offer a variety of simple options to effectively reverse wrinkles.

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