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Patients often come to Dr. Diwan wanting to enhance some area of their face or body, but are unsure of their options or which treatment/procedure is best for them. At The Laser & Skin Surgery Center, Dr. Diwan works with each of her patients to develop a plan that best meets their unique needs and goals. Learn more about the different treatment options for various areas of the face and body.



Rejuvenation of the cheeks includes one or a combination of the following:


Changes in the appearance of the skin and underlying tissues of the chin play a role
in the appearance of aging.


Rejuvenation of the earlobe ensures that there are no telltale signs of aging when the rest of the face is treated.



The tired and aging appearance of the eyelids can be improved with different treatments.

Forehead and Eyebrows

A smooth, unlined forehead is characteristic of a rested youthful expression. Rejuvenation of the forehead may include:


Smooth, soft hands with unblemished skin are a testament to youth and beauty. Your hands can look younger with a combination of treatments.


Solutions for problems on the legs include:

Mouth & Lips

Changes associated with aging and sun damage can be reversed with any one or a combination of treatments.


Skin changes due to sun damage are often visible on the nose. Freckles, “age” spots or discoloration from “pregnancy mask”, wrinkles, veins, or pre-cancers and skin cancers are often present on the nose. Whiteheads and prominent pores may develop. Any of these problems can be treated effectively and safely, each with a specific treatment, chosen from a variety of options, to give you the best result.