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Scars happen to everyone—whether due to an injury, health condition such as acne, past surgical procedure, or any number of other reasons. However, these scars can act as a reminder of a sensitive subject from the past and often negatively affect a person’s self-esteem. A professionally performed scar revision treatment can help to reduce problem scars, and help men and women feel more confident about their appearance. Dr. Renuka Diwan MD, FAAD is specially trained in dramatically reducing the visibility of scars using a variety of different scar revision methods.

How is scar revision performed?

Your scar revision treatment will be completely unique to your specific scar. Dr. Diwan will make a treatment recommendation based on your type of scar, the location of your scar, and the size of your scar.

Treatment of scars may include cortisone injections, dermal fillers for elevation of depressed scars, surgical removal and re-direction of an unfavorably oriented scar or depressed scar, fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing, or state-of -the-art laser treatment for fading red scars and smoothing raised scars. A personalized evaluation with Dr. Diwan will help to determine the best treatment(s) for your scar(s) and restore your confidence.

Am I An Ideal Candidate For Scar Revision?

With various options available, scar revision treatments can be suitable for people of all ages. It is optimal to be in good general health and follow post-treatment care instructions. Some revision procedures may not be well suited for people on anticoagulant medications who cannot interrupt these medications, due to the increased risk of bleeding. People with underlying health problems such as uncontrolled diabetes may also have poor wound healing and may not be good candidates for surgical treatment. That said, laser technology has enhanced our options for treating noticeable scars. If you have a scar that you would like to correct, schedule a consultation with Dr. Diwan! 

How Long does the Scar Revision Procedure Take?

Depending on the treatment option selected for your scar, revision treatment may take just a few minutes or over an hour. For example, getting dermal fillers to lessen the appearance of a depressed scar may take less than 10 minutes. Laser treatment of multiple facial scars could take an hour or longer. 

Will the Results of My Scar Revision Look Natural?

Scar revision treatments are approached with one goal in mind: to lessen the appearance of a noticeable scar. You can expect your results to look natural but you may still have some visible scarring after your treatment. A scar may completely go away but often scars are significantly improved rather than completely eliminated. During your consultation, Dr Diwan will discuss the expected results from a recommended treatment.

How to Prepare for Scar Revision?

The best way to prepare for a scar revision procedure is to schedule a consultation with Dr DIwan.  During your consultation, she will inquire about your medical history, health, lifestyle, and other details that may pertain to treatment. After examining your scar, she will determine which approach is most appropriate for you. Once your ideal treatment option has been identified, she can discuss how you should prepare. In some cases, the treatment can be performed in the same visit. 

Is Scar Revision Safe?

Scar revision procedures recommended are always safe and effective. Dr Diwan performs treatments with attention to detail and safety in mind to minimize complications. Treatments recommended may include dermal fillers, cortisone injections and laser treatments including fractional skin resurfacing. Dr Diwan has extensive experience in safely performing each type of treatment. 

How long is scar revision recovery?

The recovery period following your scar revision will vary based on the treatments used for your procedure. In most cases, you should be able to return to your normal routine immediately after your treatment. Some surgical scar revision procedures may cause some minor discomfort and require a day or two of recovery.

When will I notice the final results of my scar revision?

Because each scar revision is different for every patient, it is difficult to say how long it will take to see your final results without having a consultation with Dr. Diwan. Once Dr. Diwan analyzes the condition of your scar and develops an effective treatment strategy , she will be able to provide you with a more detailed timeline of any necessary recovery period, and tell you when you will notice the final results of your treatment.

Patients who have undergone scar revision are often thrilled with their results. Treatment can not only dramatically reduce the appearance of scars, but, in some cases, can even fade them completely.

Scar Revision Reviews from Real Patients

“I am thrilled with the work that Dr. Diwan has done! She was incredibly knowledgeable about which treatment would work best for my situation and fully delivered! I am very satisfied with the results and will certainly return in the future as needed!”