Chin Augmentation in Westlake, OH

Face Procedures

The chin and jawline frame the face and have a profound impact on the overall appearance and attractiveness of the face. There are many men and women who are uncomfortable or shy about the appearance of a small or receded chin. A small chin can be genetic but also becomes smaller as aging slowly reduces the underlying bony framework. This can often cause other features of the face to appear out of proportion, leading to an overall imbalance of the face. A chin that is small or tends to recede back toward the neck can be corrected with a chin augmentation procedure by Renuka Diwan MD, FAAD.

Injection of Juvederm in the chin can achieve forward projection as well as an increase in vertical height, restoring facial balance in either or both dimensions. Augmentation of the chin can also improve the appearance of the skin below the chin. The augmentation achieved can last 18-24 months. A simple quick office procedure can transform the overall appearance and attractiveness of the face, and a person’s confidence.

Severe deficit of chin projection may require other treatments. A consultation with Dr Diwan will help to analyze your face and define your needs.