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There are many men and women who are uncomfortable or shy about the appearance of a small or receded chin. This can often cause other areas of the face to appear larger, leading to an overall imbalance throughout the facial features. A chin that is small or tends to recede back toward the neck can be corrected with a chin augmentation procedure by Renuka Diwan MD, FAAD.

How is a chin augmentation performed?

Prior to your chin augmentation surgery, you will have a private consultation with Dr. Diwan. She will carefully observe the current structure of your face and how your chin relates to other facial features. Dr. Diwan will listen carefully to your goals and will work with you to determine the best procedure plan for achieving your desired outcome.

A specially designed chin implant will be created for your unique circumstances. This implant will be constructed using a hard silicone material that resembles the look and feel of your natural facial structure.

Your surgery will be performed under local anesthesia. To begin, Dr. Diwan will make an incision through which the implant can be put into place. Depending on what was discussed during your consultation, she may make the incision either beneath your chin, or on the inside of your mouth. Your implant is then placed within a pocket that Dr. Diwan creates beneath the skin to hold it in the correct position. Your incisions are then closed and any necessary dressings are placed.

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These photos are from a specific patient. Results may vary. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.

How long is chin augmentation recovery?

The typical recovery period after a chin augmentation is 3-4 days. You will notice some bruising and swelling at first, but this will continue to fade over the next few days. Keeping your head elevated can help to speed up the recovery time.

When will I notice the final results of my chin augmentation?

It will take some time for any bruising and swelling to completely fade, but you will notice the results of your surgery immediately. Any scarring from your incisions should fade over time and will be out of sight due to their locations. Once your face is fully healed, you will notice an improved balance throughout your overall facial appearance.

Are there risks involved with chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation can be safely and quickly performed by injection of hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm.  Properly placed Juvederm adds to the forward projection of a weak chin and rebalances the face. Thanks to the board-certified dermatologic surgery expertise of Dr. Diwan these are successful, low-risk procedures.

Who is a good candidate to have chin augmentation?

If you’ve always felt your chin is too weak for your face, not wide enough or not tall enough you may be a perfect candidate for chin augmentation with Dr. Diwan. It’s all about achieving the right proportion and balance for your facial features and feeling good about your profile. These simple procedures with Dr. Diwan can make a real change in your facial balance.

Is chin augmentation a painful procedure?

The injection procedure is well tolerated especially after the application of a numbing cream on the skin. It is common to have minor tenderness after the injections.

How can I prepare for chin augmentation?

The precautions before injection of hyaluronic acid fillers are meant to reduce the risk of bruising. You’ll need to stop taking any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Advil, and Aleve for a week and various supplements 3 days prior to your procedure. 

How long does chin augmentation usually take?

The procedure generally takes 10-15 minutes.  

What will recovery be like after chin augmentation?

As the size of your chin has increased, the area will feel tight and there will be some swelling and mild tenderness. This feeling of tightness will last for 5-7 days. Diligent use of a cold compress can help control the swelling. You’ll need to sleep with your head elevated and with your face up for a few days. This helps to control swelling. 

Strenuous exercise or jobs requiring physical labor can be resumed in 2-3 days to minimize bruising. 

You will have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks for an assessment of the result and, if needed, additional Juvederm can be added.

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