Skin Cancer Treatment

Surgical Procedures

Basal Cell Cancer is the most common form of skin cancer, followed by squamous cell cancer.  Melanoma is less common than either basal or squamous cell cancer, and it is the most aggressive of skin cancers. In addition to these three types, other less common forms of skin cancer are also encountered.

Basal Cell Cancers

Basal cell cancers can have a variety of different appearances to the naked eye. Under a microscope, basal cell cancers have different growth patterns as well – some being more aggressive than others. Different treatments are available for basal cell cancers. These include: Except for radiation (which is performed at a hospital or outpatient radiation therapy facility), all treatments are offered at our office. Which treatment is recommended for a particular skin cancer depends on a number of characteristics of the skin cancer. After considering the location, size, presence or absence of clear definition, the failure of previous treatments, microscopic appearance, etc., the appropriate treatment is recommended.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery provides the best cure rate for many skin cancers. An office procedure performed with local anesthetic, it involves step by step removal of the cancer until only cancer-free tissue is left, as determined my microscopic examination of the removed tissue. In 99 percent of cases, the wound created in the skin by removal of the skin cancer is evaluated and reconstructed within the following days, with very gratifying cosmetic results.

Skin Cancer Treatment Reconstruction

Reconstruction of wounds in the skin, resulting from skin cancer removal, restores normal appearance and function. Dr. Diwan has fellowship training in Procedural Dermatology which gave her the opportunity to learn reconstructive techniques. She successfully uses these techniques to repair wounds,  paying close attention to aesthetic details. Being a cosmetic surgeon, as well, she applies refined cosmetic techniques to reconstructions, giving our patients the best possible outcome. Dr. Diwan has over 22 years’ experience in reconstructing wounds, the majority being on the face where the cosmetic result is especially important. The scars from reconstruction are created with careful planning to give you the best chance of healing with an inconspicuous scar. All surgical procedures are performed personally by Dr. Diwan. Reconstructions are performed in our surgical office facility with local anesthetic for comfort, safety and quick recovery.

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