Debunking BOTOX® Cosmetic Myths

Woman With Forehead Wrinkles Who Needs BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. FDA-approved for use in more than 96 countries, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are performed on more than 1.5 million people annually. Despite its popularity, or perhaps because of it, there are many myths surrounding its use.  At The Laser & Skin Surgery Center, many of our clients have seen successful results with BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, which is why we’d like to help dispel these misconceptions so you can better determine if BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you.
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Love Your Lashes with Latisse®

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Do you long for longer eyelashes? Naturally, Latisse is your solution. Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription product in the form of a solution. By using Latisse your own lashes become longer, fuller and darker. Because they’re your own, your lashes look very natural and you’re free to do as you please without your lovely lashes coming off.

You can forget about the hassle of extensions and synthetic lashes which fall off and look fake, especially as they come off, and need to be replenished with monthly appointments. With simple at-home application, Latisse will gradually enhance your lashes so they’re beautiful and natural-looking.

How it works

Latisse prolongs the growth phase of eyelash hair allowing them to grow longer. It also keeps more of your lashes in their growth phase, rather than the resting phase, adding to the number and thickness of your lashes. It takes about 4 to 8 weeks to start noticing the enhancement. As you continue to use Latisse your lashes continue to lengthen. Once your lashes are long and full, continue applying Latisse to keep them looking that way. Come back and get more before you run out of Latisse, or your lashes will gradually revert back to their original appearance over the next 2-3 months.

As Latisse enhances your own lashes, you don’t have to worry about them coming off, like glued lash extensions, when you rub your eyes, swim or simply wash and dry your face.

Does this have you wondering if Latisse can have the same benefits for thinning eyebrows? In fact, even though Latisse has FDA approval to be used for enhancing eyelashes only, it has been successfully employed (off-label) for enhancing eyebrows as well. Even more benefits of Latisse may become apparent in the future! Latisse is being evaluated in trials for its effectiveness for thinning scalp hair.

Latisse comes with applicator brushes and a package insert that details how it should be applied and its possible risks. At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center, Dr. Diwan will give you detailed instructions on how to get the most out of the product and your investment in your lashes. For your convenience, at your next visit, you can take home a bottle of Latisse from our office!

Enhance Your Eyelashes with Latisse in Westlake, OH

Let Dr. Diwan help you have the lovely lashes you’re wishing for, with Latisse. To learn more about this treatment in the Cleveland area, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center today.

Turn Back the Clock on the Signs of Aging with Botox®

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Getting older is a part of life but looking older is not! Wipe out wrinkles and lines and restore your youthful appearance by choosing Botox® with Dr. Diwan.

Botox to Reverse the Signs of Aging

Wrinkles and lines between the brows, the crow’s feet creases around the eyes, and wrinkles on the forehead can be targeted with Botox injections. Botox is a safe and effective treatment and is the perfect wrinkle relaxer to keep the signs of aging at bay.

Botox as a Preventative Measure

We all know and love Botox for its ability to erase wrinkles and lines once they’ve set in. Botox can prevent wrinkles from becoming a permanent feature of your skin by erasing them at the earliest stage, before they get deeper.

Why Choose Botox with Dr. Diwan?

Botox is a powerful anti-aging treatment that can work wonders for your appearance. For the most effective and complete Botox treatments, your ideal choice is a physician with the skill and experience to know exactly where the injections will have the most impact, and more importantly where not to inject Botox. Dr. Diwan is very experienced and highly trained, and focuses on keeping your appearance natural with precise injections. Her keen eye allows her to strategically inject Botox exactly where you need it so that your face doesn’t look like you had some “work done.”

To enhance those results even further, Dr. Diwan may suggest combination with other anti-aging treatments, such as Juvederm® to replenish lost volume and soften wrinkles in the lower face, or a laser skin treatment to rejuvenate dull skin in order to optimize your youthful appearance and help you look your very best.

Maintain Your Youthful Appearance with Botox in Westlake, OH

Restore youthful unwrinkled skin with Botox injections. If you’re interested in learning more about anti-aging treatments with Botox in the Cleveland area with Dr. Diwan, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center today.

Get Rid of Your Double Chin with Kybella®


Fat underneath the chin is not always easily removed. You can be healthy, exercise regularly, eat right, and still have that dreaded “double chin.” Perhaps you’ve been looking for a solution to this dilemma but are hesitant to have a surgical treatment. Now there is a non-surgical solution for submental fullness (aka fat underneath the chin). Kybella® is a popular treatment option at Dr. Diwan’s Westlake office because it helps men and women improve their double chin and gain back their confidence–all without surgery.

A Closer Look at Kybella

Kybella is an FDA approved injectable treatment that destroys submental fat cells for good! During your treatment session, Dr. Diwan will inject Kybella into the targeted areas underneath your chin. The active ingredient in Kybella – deoxycholic acid – works to break down and destroy fat cells.  Once these cells are broken down, the fat cells will then be naturally eliminated from your body.

At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center, Dr. Diwan will meet with you to discuss your goals and concerns about treatment during your initial consultation. Together, you will create a personalized plan to achieve your new look. Dr. Diwan understands that this personalization is extremely important for Kybella treatments because no two necks are the same and the goals differ from patient to patient.

Kybella Results

As your body removes these destroyed fat cells, you will begin to notice your newly streamlined and contoured chin and neck! Thankfully with Kybella, there is no downtime from work. You go in for your Kybella treatment, then return back to your regular routine, and just wait for your results.  (The initial swelling can be hidden with a scarf.)  Typically, Dr. Diwan’s patients begin to see these brag-worthy results within 4-6 weeks.  Just in time to put away those turtle necks and scarves in Ohio!

More exciting news about your Kybella results is that they are long-lasting!  Additional treatments can be performed for more improvement! Once these fat cells are naturally removed from your body, they cannot return under your chin again. Dr. Diwan reminds her patients that for best results it is essential to continue to live a healthy lifestyle to make sure fat does not reaccumulate in remaining fat cells from weight gain.

Double the Confidence with Kybella

One of the reasons why Dr. Diwan loves what she does is seeing how these results change her patients’ lives. It is amazing to see how a contoured jawline can give a man confidence and how a slim neck will encourage a woman to take control of her wardrobe! With zero downtime and simple treatments, Kybella helps men and women achieve self-confidence.

If you want to learn more about Kybella or you are interested in getting rid of that double chin, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Diwan today. She looks forward to partnering with you on this Kybella journey!

Three Ways Your Lips Change as You Age

Diwan, Lips - Image

Men and women come to The Laser & Skin Surgery Center worried that their crow’s feet creases, forehead furrows, and under eye hollows are making them look older than they really are. What they fail to realize is that their lips can also give away their true age. It’s true—the lips can single-handedly make you look older. Here is how—and what you can do about it!
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Do-It-Yourself or Professional Grade Microneedling?

Diwan, Microneedling - Image

Recently, microneedling has seen a surge in popularity. Just this month, Vogue hailed microneedling as the “next big thing in skincare”! As microneedling has become an established treatment, a number of at-home alternatives, often called dermarollers, have been introduced in addition to professional, in-office microneedling treatments. Dr. Diwan reminds her patients, that microneedling, like other skincare services, will have the best results when performed by a skin care professional.

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Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation Is Sure to be Big in 2017

Diwan, NS Facelift - Image

More and more, men and women are choosing non-surgical facial rejuvenation over traditional, surgical methods at Dr. Diwan’s Westlake practice. According to a new report, it is a trend that is sure to continue in the coming year. Using data collected throughout the last year,, a private healthcare search engine, predicts that non-surgical facelifts will continue to gain popularity in 2017. WhatClinic saw enquiries for the treatment increase by an astounding 91 percent in the last three months of 2016.

Using a combination of non-invasive treatments, Dr. Diwan is able to target both superficial and deeper signs of aging.

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