Microneedling Benefits

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure used by dermatologists to encourage collagen production by leveraging the body’s natural healing mechanism. The procedure entails using several tiny sterilized needles to puncture the skin. This causes trauma, which prompts the skin to rebuild.

Besides rejuvenating the skin, microneedling can help address skin-related issues, including scarring, wrinkles, hair loss, stretch marks, loose skin, and skin pigmentation issues.

Dr. Renuka Diwan MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist, is the right choice for the cosmetic treatment procedures you might be considering for your skin. Some of the microneedling benefits you will get by choosing to rely on Dr. Diwan are as follows.

Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles and Lines

Wrinkles and lines on your face can make you look older than you are. Luckily,  microneedling treatments done at The Laser & Skin Surgery Center will reduce the appearance of such wrinkles and lines. As noted, microneedling is a safe procedure that helps boost elastin and collagen production, which fights lines and wrinkles.

Shrinks Pores

Contrary to what you might think, microneedling doesn’t enlarge pores on your skin. Instead, the procedure makes them look smaller. Once collagen is stimulated, the skin around the pores plumps, making the once large pores look smaller or even disappear.

Reduce Stretch Marks

Microneedling can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your body. Therefore, this helps enhance the look of your skin. 

Dr. Diwan can determine what is best for your skin and dedicates her efforts to ensuring patients get the right care they deserve. At The Laser & Skin Surgery Center, you’re sure to get personalized medical care tailored to your needs.

To know more about microneedling and its benefits, contact The Laser & Skin Surgery Center at 440-871-9832, Cleveland, Ohio, or request an appointment online by visiting www.laserandskinsurgerycenter.com. You can trust the experienced team of experts for skin care treatments, fillers, and injectables to ensure you accomplish your aesthetic goals.

7 Things You Should Know About Microneedling

It may sound like an interesting idea to use tiny needles on your face – but believe it or not, this is actually a painless and effective way to get smoother, younger-looking skin! It is called “microneedling,” and it is a very popular procedure. Dr. Renuka Diwan is proud to offer this rejuvenating, minimally invasive option to her patients. Read on for 7 things you should know about microneedling!

What is Microneedling?

Curious about microneedling? You should know:

  1. The needles that are used are very tiny. When they are passed across the skin, “microinjuries” are created, and the body reacts to these “injuries” by stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is important for beautiful, youthful skin, and as more of it is produced it refreshes old skin and makes smooth and firm “new” skin. The open channels created by microneedling also allow skin products to get into the deeper layers of the skin for even more impressive results.
  2. Microneedling is safe, and patients report that microneedling doesn’t hurt – it just feels like a pricking sensation. Before the procedure, a numbing cream is applied so that any discomfort is minimized.
  3. Microneedling can be used to treat wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, minor scars, hyperpigmentation, and even stretch marks. It is a noninvasive, nonsurgical way to correct flaws and improve skin.
  4. Dr. Diwan has performed numerous microneedling treatments and can typically complete the session in about 20 minutes!
  5. There is no downtime after a microneedling procedure, although you will have some swelling and redness for a couple of days afterward (most patients report that this feels like a minor sunburn).
  6. You may need more than one treatment, depending on what issues you would like to have corrected.
  7. At Dr. Diwan’s practice, AQUAGOLD microneedling is used, which has 20 microscopic gold-plated needles that deliver BOTOX and/or Juvederm.

Even people who are afraid of needles have tried microneedling and have loved the results. To find out more about microneedling and what it can do for you, contact Cleveland’s Laser and Skin Surgery Center for a consultation today. Call the office in Westlake, Ohio, at 440-871-9832.

What is AQUAGOLD® Treatment?

A close up of glittery gold material on a black background AQUAGOLD® is a microneedling device that uses 24K gold microneedles to rejuvenate your skin. This minimally invasive treatment can be completed in about 20 minutes and has beautiful results.

You may be a good candidate for microneedling with AQUAGOLD® if you want to address:

  • Redness and flushing
  • Dark spots
  • Crepey wrinkles
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Oily skin

AQUAGOLD® microneedling is performed with a microneedling device that has a glass vial attached directly to hollow microneedles.  The contents of the vial may include Botox, hyaluronic acid, stem cell growth factors, lightening agents or a combination of these, customized to the specific needs of your skin. As microneedling is performed, the contents of the vial are evenly infused in tiny quantities, directly into the area of skin treated, for an overall improvement of pore size, redness, oiliness, crepey lines, etc.  The treatment is minimally invasive. It works by creating tiny needle pricks in the surface of the skin. The needles are about the thickness of a strand of hair, and the channels created in the skin are very fine and small. These tiny needle punctures cause the skin to produce more collagen in the weeks following treatment. As you may know, collagen is the foundation of supple, smooth, and youthful skin! 

You may feel a little discomfort, but most people are able to tolerate the treatment without a problem. Dr. Diwan can usually complete the  treatment in 20 minutes.

The treated areas of your face will be pink or red (like a mild sunburn)  for a day or two. Skin care products or make up should be avoided for 24 hours after your treatment. You may start to see the initial results in 48 hours. The results will only get better over time as the effects of the infusions become apparent over the next two weeks, and new collagen and elastin form over the next few months.

Get Started on the Path to Refreshed Skin

If you are ready to schedule an AQUAGOLD® appointment in the Cleveland area, please call the Laser & Skin Surgery Center in Westlake at 440-871-9832. Dr. Renuka Diwan is a board-certified dermatologist with decades of experience. She is passionate about helping each of her patients achieve vibrant, beautiful skin.