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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Cleveland, Westlake, & Strongsville area. The most recent addition to hair removal methods, laser hair removal, provides safe, long-term hair reduction. You will enjoy freedom from regular waxing or shaving, razor burns and cuts, and ingrown hair; and save time in your busy schedule! We offer treatment with the 810 nm diode laser or the 1064 nm Gemini laser at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center.

How is laser hair removal performed?

The diode laser, with an 810 nm wavelength, is used at our office primarily on fairer complexions. The Gemini laser is effective for all skin types including darker Asian and African-American complexions and is safer than other lasers for hair removal. The minor discomfort from the treatment can be effectively controlled with an anesthetic cream before the treatment, if needed. Laser hair removal is most effective for brown or black hair. White or blonde hair lacks the pigment that is necessary for absorption of the laser energy and is, therefore, not affected by the laser. Red hair also has very little pigment and, as a result, does not respond as well as darker hair. All areas of the face, neck, arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, back,  chest and abdomen can be treated with the laser for men and women.  Patients who develop ingrown hairs from shaving, especially appreciate the benefits of not having to shave. A medical consultation before the laser treatment is important to rule out medical problems which can cause excessive hair growth. If such an abnormality is detected, medical treatment of the underlying problem is not only important to the patient’s health; it also corrects the excessive hair growth.

Questions about Laser Hair Removal?

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How long is recovery after laser hair removal?

After the treatment the skin usually appears red and a little bumpy for 30 min, or less, to a couple of hours.  It is important to keep your treated skin sun-protected outdoors and avoid any unnecessary sun exposure.

When will I notice the results of my laser hair removal?

Multiple laser hair removal treatments with Dr. Diwan are necessary for the most effective hair reduction. Incremental improvement occurs with successive treatments. Approximately 50 percent reduction occurs after four laser treatments for darker hair. Further treatments provide an additional decrease in hair growth. Treatments can be repeated every 6-8 weeks.

Will the hair come back after laser hair removal?

While the results are long-term, there may be minimal residual hair left which can be managed with a treatment periodically, to maintain smooth hair-free skin.

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