3 Factors that Can Affect Laser Tattoo Removal

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Tired of their tattoos, men and women are turning to laser tattoo removal to rid their body of past indiscretions. Understandably, patients ask a lot of questions during their initial consultation at The Laser & Skin Surgery Center. Topping the list, patients often inquire as to how many sessions it will take to remove their tattoo.

Unfortunately, we cannot easily predict the exact number of laser sessions you will need. Dependent on a number of factors, laser tattoo removal is different for each of our patients.


As rule of thumb, the closer to the heart, the better. Depending on the body’s ability to clear away the pigment, certain areas of the body respond better to laser tattoo removal than others. Tattoo on your toe? Do not worry, while the results may be slower, laser tattoo removal is still effective.


Certain colors are more easily removed than others. You will be happy you went with a simple outline. Black and red are the easiest to remove. Slightly more difficult, brown, orange, pink, purple, and yellow fall in the middle. The hardest colors to remove are light green and blue, teal, and turquoise.

Ink Density

A tattoo is created by layering ink within the skin. Unsurprisingly, highly dense tattoos are the most difficult to remove. While shading, light letters, and clouds might be less difficult to remove—heavy, vibrant shapes and images may take a number of laser treatments to fade.

Tattoo Removal at The Laser & Skin Surgery Center

Understanding that uncertainty can be frustrating, Dr. Diwan will explain your treatment in great detail to give you the best prediction of what can be expected. Please schedule a consultation if you have questions regarding a specific unwanted tattoo.