Spring Forward: 3 Reasons Spring is the Perfect Time for Your Laser Treatment

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As we spring forward, we ready ourselves for the warmer season ahead. With the hope of a sunny summer, men and women prepare to bare a lot more skin. In fact, along with Dr. Diwan, we, at The Laser & Skin Surgery Center, encourage you to take advantage of this time to prepare your skin for the coming summer.

Just why is spring such a wonderful time for a laser treatment? Consider the following three reasons.

Untanned Skin Is the Ideal Canvas for Laser Treatments

Cooler temperatures of spring help limit outdoor exposure before summer heat arrives. The cooler weather that keeps you in more, helps prevent a tan—best avoided until laser treatments are completed. This makes spring a good time to have facial veins, brown spots, and wrinkles treated with special lasers that specifically target each of these problems. Make the most of spring! Revive your skin with our very successful laser treatments before summer arrives.

Your Skin Will Be More Sensitive

The majority of laser treatments work by stimulating the rejuvenation process of individual skin cells—often, causing your skin to replace old and tired cells with new, and healthier ones. As these new cells develop, it is important to protect them from the sun’s damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays. Sun exposure can compromise beautiful results as well as increase the chance of scarring. Just as it is important to stay out of the sun before your laser treatment, you will need to keep out of the sun afterwards. Remember, the more extensive the treatment, the longer your skin will need to recover.

You Can Recover Discreetly

While the weather may be getting nicer, we still tend to stay relatively covered-up in the spring. As you dress in layers, a light jacket, a cute summer hat, or a breezy scarf will do more than keep the spring air at bay. These added layers can help cover up and hide any lingering effects such as peeling skin, redness, or swelling. Another benefit, the added layers help protect your skin from external irritants.

Refresh With Dr. Diwan

At The Laser Skin & Surgery Center, we offer a number of laser treatments. We can customize your laser treatments to adjust your recovery to fit your life. There is sure to be something for you. We love the fractionated CO2RE Laser—literally erasing wrinkles, it restores the youth and beauty of your skin.

Many of our patients find that a laser treatment is the perfect spring pick-me-up. With dramatic and long-lasting results, you will thank yourself for seasons to come. Revive your skin this spring by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Diwan.