How to Reverse Sun Damage with a Chemical Peel


As we say goodbye to summer, it is time to think about how to reverse any unwanted sun damage that may have accrued over the past few months. Think of fall as your post – summer recovery period—with sun damage still fresh, now is the time to restore your skin’s health.

Chemical peels are a great antidote to summer sun damage. Chemical exfoliation encourages your skin to purge the dead and damaged cells. By replacing dull and lackluster cells with new, robust, and vibrant skin cells, your skin’s health as well as appearance are improved.

Sun Damage Slows Cell Renewal

When healthy, our skin cells rapidly exfoliate and replenish on their own. UV damage, however, slows the rate at which cells renew. By stimulating cellular turnover, chemical peels encourage skin cells to replenish at a quicker and more efficient rate.

Sun Damage Creates Unhealthy Cells

Causing the skin’s DNA makeup to change, sun damage can have a lasting and potentially dangerous effect. As a chemical peel removes damaged skin cells, it reduces the risk of future complications like skin cancer.

Sun Damage Causes Premature Aging

Sun exposure expedites the skin’s aging cycle by increasing breakdown of collagen and elastin. The resulting wrinkles and sagging skin can be improved with the use of chemical peels.

Sun Damage Is the Source of Hyperpigmentation

A chemical peel’s active ingredients aid in removing cells that hold pigmentation.

Sun Damage May Not Be Evident Right Away

Sun damage can take time to be apparent. While freckles and sun spots may seem harmless, they are actually evidence of sun damage. Even a simple sunburn is proof that your skin cells have been compromised. Chemical peels repair existing sun damage such as sun spots and freckles.

Take Care of Your Skin at The Laser & Skin Surgery Center

After a detailed examination,Dr. Diwan will use her expertise as an experienced and board certified dermatologist to determine which chemical peel will help you achieve healthy and luminous skin. We are pleased to perform specialized peels including Vitalize®, Rejuvenize™, and Illuminize® peels by SkinMedica®.

Taking preventive action can reduce the lasting effects of sun damage. Take time this fall to take care of your skin by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Diwan.