Does Scar Revision Really Work?

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When it is wounded, the skin has an incredible ability to heal itself. The skin produces growth factors that influence skin cells to grow new collagen that mends and repairs the site of the injury. Unfortunately, depending on the depth and severity of injury, the result of this process can be an unsightly scar. Depending on its location, a scar can make a person feel really self-conscious. If you have a scar in an obvious place, you may spend time every day considering how you can conceal it with clothing or cosmetics. Not only can this affect your confidence, but thinking about your scar on a daily basis is frustrating and tiring. Fortunately, there are treatments to help reduce and revise scars.

How well scar treatments work depends on the proper assessment of the scar and selection of the best suited treatment for the particular scar, the severity of the scar, and your end goal and expectations. There are many different types of scars. Scars can be raised, flat or depressed, pink, skin-colored, lighter than your natural skin tone or darkened; large, small, etc. The treatment for each type is different. The first step is to consult Dr. Diwan, who can give you an idea of which treatments should be considered, the nature of the treatments, recovery and care, and what the scar(s) can be expected to look like after a given treatment. In general, scars improve significantly but may or may not completely disappear after treatment, and may require multiple treatments or a combination of treatments over time for best results. It really depends on the circumstances. Because individual results vary, it’s best not to speculate but to consult Dr. Diwan so she can examine the scar. She may recommend:

Dr. Diwan has extensive experience with scar treatment and will help you choose the right approach for the type of scar you have, taking your skin’s unique healing response into account, and prepare you for the treatment process.

Most people who are bothered by scarring report high rates of satisfaction with scar revision. Whether the scar is eliminated or dramatically reduced in appearance, scar treatments are often the key to reducing the effort and time needed to cover a scar, changing how you feel about yourself and improving your quality of life.

If you are interested in learning about scar revision in Westlake, Ohio, please call Dr. Renuka Diwan at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center by dialing 440-871-9832. We look forward to providing clear and honest answers about your scar reduction options!

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