Wipe Out Unwanted Hairs with Laser Hair Removal

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With summer approaching, it’s almost time to put away the sweater and pull out your new bathing suit. But getting ready for sunny days and nicer weather isn’t just about your wardrobe and getting your body bikini-ready. Unsightly dark hair growth that you may have forgotten about, while you were bundled up this past winter, may become the center of attention in summer’s more revealing outfits. That’s why now is the best time to banish the unwanted hair for good with laser hair removal.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

So many women and men look to laser hair removal with Dr. Diwan because they are tired of the constant maintenance. Keeping up with unwanted hair can cost you lots of unnecessary time and money over the course of adulthood. There’s also the physical pain of waxing, shaving, and tweezing that you could certainly live without. Laser hair removal also helps to prevent side effects from traditional hair removal methods. Ingrown hairs from all the plucking, pulling, and pruning can be painful, can get infected, cause scarring, can look even worse than the original hair growth, and be problematic when its time to shave or wax again. Many people have sensitive skin and develop razor burn easily. Avoiding moles and natural bumps can also be a challenge, especially if you find yourself in a hurry.

A Closer Look at Hair Growth

The most effective results come over a series of treatment sessions at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center. That’s because all your hair doesn’t grow at the same time or rate.  Each individual hair follicle has its own growth cycle. There are three stages of hair growth: the anagen or active growth stage is when the root of the hair follicle is growing, and attached to, a visible darkly pigmented hair and the ideal period for laser removal.  The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment or color in the hair and the root of the hair follicle.  A hair follicle in the anagen phase is, therefore, a good target and is affected by laser hair removal.  Hair follicles in the resting or telogen phase, and the transitional or catagen phase, when hair is absent or unattached to the root are not affected by laser treatment.  If all hair follicles were simultaneously in the same phase, we would become bald when they were all simultaneously in the resting phase!  It can take several weeks to months for hair to grow and these cycles can vary from person to person. This is why it takes multiple treatments over time to target all the hair follicles in an area. It’s important to understand this in order to achieve the best possible results. Committing to laser hair removal and keeping up with your appointments will ensure you’re hair-free as fast as possible.  Please note that laser hair removal is not effective for non-pigmented hair (white or blonde) and less effective for lightly pigmented hair (light brown or red).

Preparing for Your Hair Removal Session

It is vital to avoid tweezing, waxing, Vaniqa hair reduction cream and electrolysis for 6-8 weeks prior to treatment. These hair removal methods remove hair at the root. Removing pigmented hair removes the target (the pigment in dark hair) for the laser and reduces the number of follicles that the laser can have an effect on. It’s also wise to refrain from any sun exposure of the areas being treated.

Laser Hair Removal in Westlake, Ohio

Get rid of unwanted hair just in time for summer. If you are interested in learning more about laser hair removal in the Cleveland area, or any of the other services offered by Dr. Diwan, please contact us at 440.871.9832 to schedule your initial consultation at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center today.