What Skin Conditions Can Benefit From Laser Resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing When it comes to acne, sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles, there is only so much skincare products can do. While cosmetic surgeries to address these issues exist, invasive procedures can be difficult for some patients who cannot take extensive downtime. 

That’s why you should consider laser resurfacing. It is a minimally invasive procedure for improving skin appearance and treating various skin conditions. Patients love that the downtime is minimal, and the results are phenomenal. 

Learn more about what laser resurfacing is and the skin conditions that can benefit from this innovative treatment. 

How Does Fractionated Laser Resurfacing Work? 

The Laser & Skin Surgery Center utilizes the CO2RE Laser. This device improves upon the traditional CO2 laser by providing improved results, less downtime, and reduced side effects. 

The CO2RE laser uses pulses of light, which penetrate the skin and are absorbed by water in the skin cells. The superficial layer of the skin is vaporized, and the middle layer is heated, stimulating collagen production. Over time, your body’s natural healing process will produce new, healthier layers of skin, causing the skin to appear brighter, smoother, and more youthful. 

What Skin Conditions Can Laser Resurfacing Be Used For? 

Acne Scars

CO2RE laser is great for treating acne scars because it helps to get rid of the top layer of skin and encourages the body’s natural healing, helping to reduce the appearance of scarring. However, laser resurfacing is not ideal for patients with active acne. 

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

This treatment also effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production and helping to create healthier, fuller-looking skin. As you age, collagen is a protein that begins to break down faster than it can be produced, which is why fine lines begin to form. By stimulating collagen production, you can achieve a more youthful appearance. 

Skin Damage

Similar to acne scars, skin damage caused by the sun can be treated and reduced, creating a more even skin tone and removing sun spots. 


It’s also effective for combating rosacea by treating the broken capillaries that cause the skin to redden and appear flushed. 

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