Skin Care for the Ohio Winter Season

Close-up portrait of blonde beautiful young woman smiling wearing winter jacket, gray knitted hat and pink scarf, posing outdoors in the park on snowing winter day.
Brrr! The extended forecast predicts chilly, snowy weather ahead for the Westlake area. As we turn up our heaters to stay toasty warm indoors, that hot, dry air can take a toll on your skin. Dryness, flakiness and the dreaded “winter itch” are common.

At The Laser & Skin Surgery Center, Dr. Renuka Diwan offers a wide array of non-surgical and surgical facial treatments, as well as premium skin care treatments. Hydrating facial treatments are a great way to boost skin hydration and get a youthful glow. But there are also steps you can take at home to combat the drying effects of winter:

  • Drink water to keep your body hydrated. It will show up in the appearance of your skin. Dull, dehydrated skin looks lackluster. Avoid overdoing it on alcoholic beverages, because they will dehydrate you.
  • Avoid stripping natural moisturizing substances from your skin. Long, hot showers – which feel like such an obvious solution on a chilly day – tend to strip your skin of its natural moisturizing factors and lead to flaky, dry skin. Don’t max out your shower time, and keep the temperature warm to lukewarm.
  • Lock in moisture. Use a lotion, body oil or other moisturizer after you get out of the shower and towel off. Doing so will lock moisture into your dewy, shower-fresh skin.
  • Bundle up! Gloves, hat and a scarf will act as a protective barrier when you go outside in cold temperatures and wind.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen. It’s easy to think you can skip sunscreen in the winter. It’s cold, often cloudy, the sunshine is less intense, but it’s still important to protect your skin from UV radiation. If you plan to be outside for an extended time, apply an SPF-30 or higher sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Point heating vents in your vehicle away from your face. You get in the car in the morning and what’s the first thing you do? Probably fire up the heat to get warm. Direct the vents away so they aren’t pointing at your face. The steady blast of dry, hot air can definitely lead to dry, itchy skin.

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