What You Need to Know About Scar Revision


Over the course of time, a variety of conditions can leave scars on the skin. Scars may be a result of chickenpox, acne, injuries and accidents, surgeries such as mole removal or skin cancer removal, and other causes.  When scars are visible, especially on the face, understandably they can cause distress and self-consciousness.  Trying to figure out your options for scar treatment based on lay information can lead to confusion and frustration.


Scars can have a variety of appearances.  They may be raised or depressed, discolored- pink, brown or white; thin and linear, irregular or widened.  When scars are bothersome, a variety of scar removal approaches can be considered.  There’s hope!  The different appearances and architecture of scars call for different types of treatments customized to the specific features of the scar, and to your skin type.  Scar treatment options include application of a silicone gel, cortisone injection, prescription strength lightening creams, injection of fillers, micro-needling, surgical techniques such as scar removal, Z-plasty, W-plasty and fractional CO2 laser resurfacing; and laser treatment for redness. 


If you’re considering treatment for improvement of your scars, a consultation with Dr. Diwan is the first step.  Your normal skin structure and the nature of your scars will be examined and treatment options will be discussed leading to the selection of the best option for you.  You will be advised on how you can improve the results from the most suitable treatment or combination of treatments.  You may have to discontinue smoking, start using sun protection, optimize your skin care routine and health, and control scar-causing conditions such as acne before scar treatment. Scar revision is deferred during pregnancy and nursing.


Recovery time, an important aspect of any treatment, will be discussed in detail during your consultation, to help you plan how your treatment and recovery, if any, can be fit into your life.  Recovery time can vary from none to 10 days depending on the treatment needed.  After filler injections you can return to work right away (perhaps with concealer for any bruising). Following laser resurfacing you can return to work in 7-10 days (possibly with make up).


Results can be immediate after fillers.  After laser resurfacing and other surgical options results depend on remodeling of the scars and take 4-6 months to be completely apparent. 


You may need concealer for any temporary redness or bruising.  Sun protection is essential for achieving the best results.  Follow up for monitoring results or additional treatment is usually recommended.

You can start the process of educating yourself by taking the first step today, and scheduling a consultation.