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Chin Implants

The perception of beauty, in men and women, relies on the facial features being in proportion to one another. The chin is the foundation for the rest of your face, especially in profile. If you have a small chin, the nose looks too large and the jawline appears weak. A chin implant achieves a more pleasing profile and confidence in your appearance. Best of all, the procedure gives you long lasting and natural results, and can be safely performed in the office with local anesthetic. Call 440-871-9832 for more information, and take the first step in reshaping your profile.

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, is a procedure in which the height, projection, and shape of the chin are enhanced via the placement of a filler. Dr. Diwan will help you determine the precise chin shape and projection that will look most natural and flattering on your face.

What is Recovery Like after Chin Augmentation?

You may have bruising and need a concealer to cover it. Tenderness for a couple of days is to be expected. Your chin area may also feel tight as you move your face normally. 

What are the Benefits of Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation improves the appearance of the whole face. A stonger chin makes the whole face appear more proportionate and harmonious. The augmentation is customized to achieve the best cosmetic outcome based on your facial anatomy. Generally, men seek chin augmentation to achieve a stronger, more angular, defined, and pronounced appearance. While women may also desire more chin projection, their overall jaw contours are softer. Dr Diwan knows which type of result will best complement your face and help balance other features. By increasing the contours of the chin, this procedure can bring much more balance to your face as a whole, including the critical balance between the chin and the nose.

How Long Does a Chin Augmetnation Last?

Chin augmentation achieves natural-looking results that can last for a few years, with annual touch ups.