Who Can Benefit From Earlobe Repair?

african american woman with bare shoulders showing her ear over blue background Earrings can provide beautiful decoration to the ears. However, in some cases, the earlobes can become damaged and elongated due to injury or years of wearing heavy earrings. Sometimes, the ears can even become split if an earring is tugged out of the ear. With earlobe repair, Dr. Renuka Diwan can correct split or elongated ears, restoring confidence and the ear’s natural shape. Keep reading to learn more about who can benefit from this procedure. 

How Is the Earlobe Repaired? 

Dr. Diwan approaches each earlobe repair based on the trauma it has experienced. During your initial consultation, she can examine your ears to evaluate the damage and determine how to repair it. 

If the earlobe has split, we can apply a local anesthetic, ensuring you’re comfortable during the procedure. Then, both sides of the split are reopened and sewn together to help them heal as one again. 

We take a different approach if the earlobe has stretched and become elongated. A local anesthetic will be used to improve comfort, and then Dr. Diwan will remove any excess skin and tissue to shorten the earlobe to fit the natural shape of the ear. The area is then sutured closed to heal. 

Who Can Benefit From Earlobe Repair? 

Earlobe repair can be beneficial for patients who have experienced many different types of ear trauma, including: 

  • Earring holes that have stretched too much for earring studs
  • Earlobes that have become stretched due to gauges and other large jewelry
  • Earlobes that have become elongated or split due to an ear injury, such as ripped-out earrings. 

Some patients may also experience earlobe elongation due to age, in which case earlobe repair can help the ears appear more youthful

Can I Pierce My Ears After Earlobe Repair?

After the ears have fully healed, around six to eight weeks following your procedure, you can have your ears pierced again. However, you should speak with your doctor beforehand to ensure it is okay to proceed with piercings. If you opt to have your ears pierced, wear small earrings to prevent repeat damage and injury.

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Earlobe repair is a simple, quick procedure to restore the natural shape of the ears and help patients increase confidence. To learn more about this procedure, schedule a consultation at the Laser Skin and Surgery Center in Westlake, OH, by calling 440-871-9832.