Non-Surgical Procedures

Sunscreen is an important tool for the protection of the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Application of sunscreen on sun-exposed parts of the skin, including the lips, is essential for keeping the skin healthy and looking its best—especially for fair types of skin. Effective sunscreens help prevent:

Sunscreen SPF

The SPF number on a sunscreen indicates its effectiveness against ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, but not against the (equally important) UVA rays of the sun. Many different sunscreens, with a variety of ingredients, are available. The majority of sunscreens contain chemicals that absorb UVB rays—and to a lesser extent UVA rays—and in doing so are inactivated in two hours or so.  The most effective sunscreens contain zinc oxide and / or titanium dioxide. These ingredients are broad-spectrum being effective against both UVB and UVA and do not become inactivated as they protect the skin. To help you optimize the health of your skin, the best zinc and titanium containing sunscreens, such as TiZo, is available at our office. If you have had skin cancer(s) or want to prevent one, the most effective sun protection should be a part of your daily skin care regimen. The above sunscreens are also gentle enough to protect your skin after healing from corrective laser treatments, microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Sunscreens with Zinc

Zinc-containing sunscreens available at our office have tiny particles of zinc that do not look white on the skin, have an elegant matte finish, and are applied under make-up or powder. Tinted sunscreens, free of PABA, preservatives, oils and fragrances, gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin, and suitable for dry, normal and oily skin are also available. Some of the products are water-resistant. A new light TiZo foam sunscreen is now available. Remember to protect your lips with LipTect SPF-45. Be sure to ask for written sun protection guidelines to help you get the most benefit, when you purchase your sunscreen products.

Find the Right Sunscreen for You

For more information on sunscreen products available at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center, please call our office to schedule your consultation with board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Renuka Diwan.