What Does A Mini Facelift Address?

Woman smiling and facing the camera in a sleeveless top after a mini faceliftSigns of aging are most visible on the face.  Especially along the jawline, skin can begin to sag as early as your 40s, depending on genetics and other factors. For many people, a mini-facelift, a simpler  version of the full face-neck lift,  is very effective for restoring a natural-looking, youthful appearance.  As an experienced cosmetic  dermatologist and aesthetic surgeon, I look forward to helping you decide if a mini facelift is right for your goals.

Mini Facelift Candidates

If you have early to moderate sagging, or jowls, along the jaw line and “marionette” skin folds on either side of the mouth and chin, then a mini facelift may be right for you. This procedure also tightens sagging of the upper neck.

Anyone who has begun to see moderate sagging could be a good candidate, but it is often best-suited for men and women in their 40s, 50s, even their 60s who don’t need a full facelift or who are not quite prepared to undergo a complete facelift. 

It’s a great way to turn back the hands of time. Not only do our patients look younger after this procedure, but their faces look more aesthetically pleasing overall. With the excess skin removed, your face’s underlying structure and definition is highlighted. Your facial sagging may be more or less pronounced based on factors including weight fluctuations, history of sun exposure, diet, smoking and genetics. During your consultation, your face is examined and I will review all of your options for rejuvenation -surgical and non-surgical.

Advantages of a Mini Facelift

If you’re a good candidate, there are several reasons to opt for a mini facelift:

  1. Shorter incisions
  2. Shorter procedure duration
  3. Natural results
  4. Faster recovery

For a mini-facelift shorter incisions are made near the ears.  The procedure is completed with local anesthetic, with an oral medication to help you relax. You’ll be able to skip the recovery associated with general anesthesia. You’ll still need to take it easy and follow our aftercare instructions, but our patients usually return to work one week after surgery.

  1. During the procedure, the underlying tissues are tightened and lifted,  the overlying loose skin is redraped and excess skin is trimmed  providing a smooth, tightened and natural appearance for your face. The mini-facelift provides effective results but with limited downtime, especially compared to other techniques.  You can maintain your youthful appearance and look better now with more conservative surgical correction, avoiding more noticeable drastic changes.  The correction achieved from a mini-facelift provides a permanent benefit by re-setting the clock and helping you look better even as you continue to age.   

Find Out If You’ll Benefit From a Mini Facelift

At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center we are personally committed to helping patients achieve the aesthetic results they want. If you are unhappy with sagging and jowling on your face, then a mini facelift may be right for you. To arrange a consultation in Westlake, Ohio, please call and ask for an appointment for a consultation with Dr Diwan at 440-379-1313.