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If you struggle with excess breast tissue, you may have a condition known as gynecomastia. Men with gynecomastia are affected by the appearance of larger breasts that are often more commonly associated with a feminine physique. A male breast reduction procedure with Dr. Diwan can help to provide you with the taut and more masculine chest you desire.

How is male breast reduction performed?

Dr. Diwan will perform your male breast reduction based on your unique circumstances. During your consultation, she will determine the main cause of your gynecomastia. Some men struggle with mainly excess breast tissue, while others may also have some stubborn fat or skin that is causing the enlarged appearance.

Excess fat in the chest can be effectively reduced using targeted liposuction techniques. In order to reduce excess skin or breast tissue, Dr. Diwan will use excision methods to sculpt a tighter and more masculine chest. Your personalized male breast reduction will feature a customized combination of these treatment methods as determined by Dr. Diwan.

How long is male breast reduction recovery?

The recovery period following male breast reduction surgery will take roughly 3-4 days depending on the severity of your gynecomastia and which treatment methods were used for your procedure. You should feel well enough to return to work within a week, but should limit any high levels of physical activity or chest exercises until permitted by Dr. Diwan.

When will I notice the final results of my male breast reduction?

The improvements in the tightness and size of your chest will be apparent immediately after your surgery. It will take some time for any bruising and swelling to completely fade, but you will be able to notice the new contours of your chest. As your body continues to heal, the appearance of your chest will only get better. Men who undergo a male breast reduction with Dr. Diwan are often more confident and proud of their stronger, more masculine-looking chest.

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